Music: Forms / Weapons

Musical Forms and Weapons: The Musical Divisions requires a form or weapons form meeting the above criteria for a Traditional, Creative, and Extreme form, choreographed in a general sense to the beats or rhythm of music chosen and provided by the competitor. Primary emphasis shall be placed on innovative choreography of moves to the music, however, the basic criteria listed above for all forms must also be observed. Simply performing a Traditional, Creative, or Extreme form with background music, or a form not meeting the basic criteria for all forms above, will result in a downgrade by the judges, or upon unanimous vote of the judges, a “no score” as a form inappropriate for the division.

Each competitor must provide a music player of reasonable and non-intrusive size at ringside to play his or her music, and an attendant at the player who must be present at all times during the performance. As each form begins, a music volume check must be made, during which time the player attendant will look to the center judge for a nod of approval or a signal to lower the volume. Once this volume is set, it may not be increased during the performance of the form.

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