The trophies are the largest you will see at a tournament of this size! For an unknown small town tournament this is the friendliest and best run tournament I have ever been to in my many years of training in the Arts. The judges know what they are doing and make the right calls; they don’t play favorites like some other tournament judges do. The food is fantastic and very well priced so you don’t even need to bring any of your own refreshments. There are as many as 400 people (Spectators & Competitors) who attend this tournament each year. I look forward to being at this tournament each year and do not want to miss this one. If you are in the arts, thinking of joining the arts or just want a day of entertainment and excitement I suggest you make it a point to be at the tournament this September, you will not be disappointed!

John F.

As a parent of a Kengo C.M.A. Karate & Jujitsu student I am very proud to be a part of the SW Martial Arts Open Tournament held every year here in Port Charlotte Florida. Students from the surrounding counties all come together to compete. It builds confidence in the kids to compete with other kids they don’t practice with on a regular basis. The schools are all different and I think they all learn and benefit from each other in these tournaments. It’s a great way to grow inside and out for all these young and impressionable kids.

Abbey E.

The SW FL Martial Arts Open Tournament was fantastic! The entire event was well organized and everyone was very helpful and friendly. It was great to see all of the local and distant talent coming together at one event. I enjoyed watching all ranks, ages and schools. We are looking forward to another great event in September.

Andrea B.